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General introduction - hand to hand

Mano a mano, or hand to hand is a charity association that was started in 2002.
Mano a mano is politically and religiously independent.

The main goals of Mano a mano are:

  • to improve the status of children and education
  • to improve the status of women and equality
  • to encourage responsible and humane thinking

Our aid is aimed primarily to Nepal. Membership fees are the main sources of income. The annual membership fee is 40 €, for students 20 €.

Mano a mano is a highly efficient charity. The administrative and fundraising expenses are very low: 90 cents out of each euro is used for program services. We are proud of that!

The website of Mano a mano is currently only in Finnish. If you would like to learn more about our work, please contact us!

You can join Mano a mano here. The memberchip fee is 40 euro (students 20 euro). Payment on Mano's banc account Sampo 800013-70909021.

Thank You for your interest!

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